My husband has been talkin to my ex sister in law and texting her behind my back and they are both keeping a secret from me how do i go about asking him about it without a huge fight and saving my marriage?


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I would have a heart to heart w/him.  I don't care what side of the family she is an ex sister-in-law.  If he is sneaking around, I would want to know why?  He needs to come clean.  I would approach him as diplomatically as possible.
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Say honey we need to talk.Have you talked/seen my ex sister in law.if he say yes say well why have you'll been talking/seeing each other or what ever you'll are doing.and sit down and talk to him be very calm don't yell if he try to yell tell him to calm down honey.
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Well like that person up there said^^^
Sit with him nd talk about it in a very calm way .....!
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His brothers or your brothers ex-wife? If it's his brothers, she may want back with him. If it's your brothers, theres no reason for it. Be an adult, have an adult conversation. But remember, your going to have to explain how you know about the conversations to begin with.
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Julie Moore
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Well he has deleted every females number in his phone and he is just being so different since I confronted him about it. I talked to my mom about it also
Lynne Dwyer
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Wow. That's great! Maybe it will be a merry christmas afterall. Letting someone else know what's going on is always good in case of a future problem. Glad things are better. Merry Christmas to all of you!
Julie Moore
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Thanks for being here for me to talk to... I didn't know how to confront him ab it until I got on here! I'm so glad we are over this and Merry Christmas to you also!

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