My mom has told lies to us our whole lives. She told me a secret about who's baby I was and took me to see my biological family and I told my dad and he asked her and she denied It all, and now she's saying she hates me, what should I do?


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Harsh. I know this is hard for you. All I have to say is...just stick it out. If you're 18, I would gather up all my funds, move away, and get a job. If you aren't, you just have to wait it out. Maybe try telling your mom you're sorry and you love her, even though it's not your fault. I'm not saying move away and never come back...just do something. I wouldn't talk back though. That might outrage her more.

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Sean Baker answered

obviously your mother made some big mistakes in her youth. Remember that she was close to your age when you were born. The man who raised you and provided for you loves you and considers you His daughter. I'm certain that your mother thought that you were old enough to know the truth.

I know it's difficult, but trust in God and know that they all love you. Try and build a relationship with your biological father, he may not have even known about you!

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