My friend always puts me down. I told her how I felt and she said "Why did u say that?" so I told her all the mean things she has done and then she said "Shut your freakin' mouth. I didn't talk to you".
She is popular and she would tell people my secrets. What should I do?


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She's NOT your friend.  She's betrayed the secret you told her and she's been rude to you.  That's not friendship.  Move on and find somebody who you can trust as a friend, this girl is not worth your time but be prepared for a backlash she won't like it.  Just ignore her.

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Rethink the reasons why you consider her your 'friend'.  She is someone that you confide in but she does not respect you enough to hold your confidence, she bad mouths you, she's mean to you, she belittles you, she is controlling  .. WHAT part about any of this behaviour has convinced you that she is your friend?

You may be her friend, but she is definitely not yours.

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Think of her as the Titanic and you as a person on board said doomed ship. You need to get out of there and fast before she drags you under.

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Stop talking to her! You don't deserve to be treated like that at
all. From the way it sounds, she's not a loyal friend. She's going to
hold your secrets in her hands, and I know that makes you nervous.

Anyone would be nervous in your situation. But if you stop talking to
her that won't cause her to say anything. If she wants to tell your
secrets, she will. There's no way to stop her.

The best thing you can do
at this point is forget about her. Find some new friends that will
treat you the way you should and that you can trust with all of your

If she's popular, she has plenty more friends to choose from,
and she'll probably be too distracted to worry about telling your
secrets. If you start ignoring her and she comes back asking why or
saying she wants to be friends again, tell her how you feel.

Tell her
that friends don't treat each other the way she treated you, and you've
found new ones that treat you with respect. I know it's a lot easier for
me to say thes
e things than for you to actually do them, but you'll feel better in
the long run.

It's hard to share your feelings, and you're brave for
doing that in the first place. It's great that you stood up to her, and
whether it seems like it or not, I'm sure you made an impact on the way
she thinks. If you want, give her a second chance.

But don't allow
yourself to be treated in a way you don't deserve just because you want
to be friends with someone who's popular. You deserve better!

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