What are the best ways to help a marriage (or other, long-term relationship) last, in your opinion?


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There are many ways! Lets explore them shall we?

  1. Commitment. If a couple are very committed into making their relationship work then it definitely will! Showing that they both want it to last will increase their trust of each other , because they both want it to work.
  2. Making time for each other out of their busy schedules. Nothing works better than knowing that you could be doing something really important one day yet you choose to spend time with the one you love. That will make the other half know that you are serious and determined to make them feel happy.
  3. Trust. This is key. The couple need to learn to trust each other even in tricky situations. If they both put their trust in each other without any conditions then they both can be reassured that the other half will not go and betray them. However we know it can still happen, but doubting your partner creates more rifts, so better to eliminate the bad thoughts from your head and if it is what you thought then you will find out at some point. The truth is always exposed.
  4. Not so busy lives? If the couple want a good relationship they need to cut down on their hectic lives and make a few sacrafices for each other. This will work wonders for the couple.
  5. Talk to each other. A couple must be able to talk to each other with ease. Knowing what his or her day was like is a way to get closer to your partner. If they can both talk about what happened in their day then they can sit down and laugh and complain about them together. Now thats sweet!
  6. Intimacy. A couple do not have to have intercourse every week to maintain intimacy but they can sure tell each other how much they love one another , blurt their feelings out and show each other they are not afraid to speak about their feelings. In the same way kissing and cuddling are just as important , showing each other how much they are willing to get close.
I would give some more, but I'm not feeling well so I need to go rest. Sorry!

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I think it varies from relationship to relationship, but from my experience, the most important things are trust, equality, and being able to live your own life, as well as being part of a couple.


This, for me, goes without saying. I wouldn't be in a relationship with someone I couldn't trust, as constantly worrying what your partner is up to, or whether they're being honest, would ruin it for me.

I've never been with someone who I didn't think I could trust. Admittedly, it's happened once (compulsive lying, not cheating), but I did end that relationship as soon as I realised what was going on.

It can be hard to realise though, as when you love someone, you automatically assume they're being as honest with you as you are with them.

Equality and Communication

It can be easy for the balance to shift without either person realising — and once you realise that's happened, it can be difficult to talk about, as you feel you've left it too long to say anything.

However, it's never too late to bring up something that's bothering you, and if you don't bite the bullet and say it, things won't improve. Whether it's sharing the chores equally, or a more sensitive subject like sex, it's best to get it out, even if it's difficult.

Chances are, your partner hasn't even realised that their behaviour is bothering you. If you tell them and they don't make an effort to change, you've got a problem. Communication is key to a solid relationship.

Making Time For Yourself

It can be difficult to make time to do your own thing, especially when you want to spend time with your partner. Both are equally important. You shouldn't have to sacrifice everything or lose your individuality just because you're part of a couple. Compromise is the way to go.

Make sure you both have time to do what you need to do — whether that's pursue a hobby, catch up with your friends, chase your dreams or simply make room for a bit of me-time.

You don't have to ignore your partner during this period — if you make yourself a cup of coffee, make your partner one, too, and take the time to pop in to their office, have a quick chat and a cuddle, and then get back to doing your thing.

This way, you may both be working on separate projects, but it's a lot less boring and lonely if you see each other from time to time.

Alternatively, if you're capable of working in the same room without distracting each other, you can do that, too!

If you're out with friends - something that's very important to keep doing, and can easily be neglected when you're living with a partner - it won't take more than a minute to send a quick text to let your other half know that you're thinking of them. This is particularly important if you know they're sat at home by themselves doing nothing!

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Thanks, Lily - I absolutely agree with what you said about communication being key! You have to care about someone or something to bother to talk about it, and lots of my friends' marriages have only really gone downhill fatally, once they couldn't be bothered to take to each other, or even argue, any more.

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