Girl tells me she likes another guy. I told her how I feel about her she said we're friends and thats a good place to be. I stopped talking to her, she blocked me. Now she unblocked me, and keeps asking why we barely talk anymore. Advice?


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Ancient Hippy answered

You've been "friend zoned". She likes you but only as a friend. If you value her friendship, treat it as such.

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I think she's a little on the crazy side. You should really move on

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Barb Cala answered

Sounds like silly high school stuff.

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I am confused about your confusion. You like her  (in a romantic way), yet you blocked her when she told you she just wanted to remain friends because she is interested in someone else .. I'm thinking because you were humiliated about her romantic rejection .. And further rejected her offer of friendship.

I'm guessing by your behaviour that you are very young, so I'm going to say this a gently as i can.  THAT is how it goes sometimes.  "Love" sometimes is about timing. In order for two people to enter into a relationship that could lead to love they both have to be 'interested' AND 'available' at the same time.  In this case, you were .. She wasn't. Be patient!  This does not mean she will never be ready ... If you really like her, and feel that you would like to persue her in a romantic way .. Wait it out, continue to be 'friends' at least.  Things might work out sometime in the future.

OR ...

Find someone else who is more susceptive to your attentions.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Basically you blew it as you should never have told her how you feel at this time. This is the quickest way I know of killing any chances of a good relationship. She is right that any good relationship starts with being friends first and foremost and then being patient and letting Nature take its course. Then you quit talking to her because you didn't like what she told you?  Instant death wish here and youll be lucky if she ever talks to you again this century.  You have no one here to blame but yourself sorry but it is what it is now; over and done with before it even got started.  Telling someone boy or girl, how you feel before its time usually spells instant death with no future 2nd chances so learn here and next time be more patient and learn more about her like what she likes and hates, and approach slowly and with caution or you know now what can happen. Good luck

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