How do I get someone to talk to my mom, who only cares about her business and social media. Any time I ask her a question she ignores me as she texts her friends and she blames me for being the reason we don't have a good relationship?


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This is a tough situation to find yourself in, but unfortunately more and more common...

Parents these days seem to struggle with the balance of running their own lives, and looking after the best interests of their kids, and it's fair to say social media hasn't helped!

Sites like Facebook are probably influencing parents in a negative way, constantly bombarding them with the snapshots and lifestyle of those who aren't "inconvenienced" by having kids.

All their old school friends and acquaintances from when they were younger and had less responsibility can still remain in touch, whereas before... If you stopped hanging out with a crowd, they'd disappear from your life.

These days, even if you're a mother or father, the days of partying and freedom are but a direct message away.

And when it comes to business... Well that's something that may be difficult to pry her away from. Especially if her time and dedication is required to keep the business afloat.

That doesn't mean it's a lost cause...

But what can you do to turn your mother's head? Make her realize she has better things to get involved in?

In many ways, you shouldn't have to do anything. As her child, that's not your responsibility.

But if she's struggling, there's no harm reminding her of the cool things about being a parent.

What is it she likes doing with you? What were the times that made her smile? Recreate those, create positivity, before you have a heart-to-heart about needing her more, remind her of what she's missing out on too.

As for her business, is there any way you can get involved?

Make suggestions, show and interest, offer to help out... Whether she needs it or not, a good parent's heart will be warmed by the idea that their child wants to help them out with their work.

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Sadly I've seen this, I drove by a playground the other day and every parent was doing something on their mobile phone.

Tell your mother you want to talk to her and then tell her exactly what your concern is.  That you feel neglected and ignored and please would she spend some time with you when she can give you her full attention.

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You need tell her that you're tired of her being self consumed with her self ..If she just text friends, goes on Social websites , wrapped up in work than you need tell her your voice needs to be heard.

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if you have time to take a vacation together .. Jogging, picnicking, walking the road..begin the conversation with friendly..healthy shopping, asking for massage hair,

if he'll take a long time ... That you need more love ...

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