Should I Try Sex?


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Sex isn't something you "try out" like you would climb a mountain or go sky-diving, K214.  It's something that involves your body, and should be kept a private thing between two people that are loving each other so much that the love becomes physical.  You wouldn't cut your ear off to see how it feels, would you? You and this guy are Christians, and if you were an item and always together and really into loving each other, then I could understand your curiosity and maybe desire to have sex with him.  Please remember that sex is something that not only involves your body parts, it also involves your emotional being, and if you do it for just the sake of saying you did it, it might leave you feeling pretty down about the whole experience.  A lot of women tend to feel like they should have waited for the right person, after it's all over.  Please give more thought to this, OK?  You'll be doing yourself, your body, and your emotional well-being a big favor!
Hope that helped you out a little,
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No you should not? It will  destroy all your brain and it is not good to do it wait for the right person
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No sex is a bad thing unless your ready for everything that could come with it.
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No sweetie Moebkr is right. You should wait. As well as what she said remember the risks of getting pregnant and getting an STD. Are you really ready to raise a child.

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