What Happens To Me If I Had Sex After A Miscarriage The NEXT DAY?


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deana turner answered
The answer to your question, is you will bleed more, you should wait a couple of days or until you stop bleeding... If you are trying to get pregnant again then you should wait until you have two periods. I waited until my first period to try to get pregnant and now I have beautiful 10 month old twin girls.
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ray of light answered
It is not good for you to have sex next day of miscarriage. Let as all the contents of pregnancy come out first then have sex. It is possible that you may or may not get infection. If miscarriage took place after 8 weeks of pregnancy, then go for D & C. For sex wait for 6 weeks and avoid pregnancy for six months.
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emma danish answered
I'm so sorry you suffered a miscarriage I know only too well how it feels but it is too early for intercourse I doubt you have caused any problems but if you were to suffer discharge see your nurse for swab tests your best waiting two to four weeks depending on if you are still bleeding and yes you can fall pregnant if your not using birth control at this time but you really need at least three periods first to get back on track to normal take care
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You will probably die if you have sex after your miscarriage on the next day.

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