After Having Sex, It You Don't Shower Is That Bad? Can You Get Diseases? Is It A Much Better Idea To Shower Or Clean Yourself After Sex?


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You can't specifically get diseases just from not showering after sex. If the person you had sex with has an STD, showering won't do a lick of good.

I know this is gross, but I love that "after sex smell." I don't shower until at least the next day.
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Many ppl get lazy or sleepy as the endorphins seep in thru your brains after sex...
So its a much beter idea to just clean urslf...
You both could shower together once you wake up :)
use protection ! Hav fun!
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You need to clean yourself. You can always go back to bed smelling sweet for another cuddle and sleep. Would hate being next to a smelly person. Always have protected sex.
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It is good to shower after having sex because of the sweat and the stress.

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