How Soon Can You Have Sex After Inguinal Hernia Surgery?


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Inguinal hernia repair, also known as herniorrhaphy, fixes an opening, weakness, or bulge in the lining tissue (peritoneum) of the abdominal wall in the groin area between the abdomen and the thigh.

The hernia repair site must be kept clean and any sign of swelling or redness reported to the surgeon. Patients should also report a fever, and men should report any pain or swelling of the testicles. The surgeon may remove the outer sutures in a follow-up visit about a week after surgery, so sex is inadvisable in the seven days after the operation, but check with the doctor as for exact dates of any restart.

Activities may be limited to non-strenuous movement for up to two weeks, depending on the type of surgery performed and whether or not the surgery is the first hernia repair. To allow proper healing of muscle tissue, hernia repair patients should avoid heavy lifting for six to eight weeks after surgery.

Prevention of indirect hernias, which are congenital, is not possible. However, preventing direct hernias and reducing the risk of recurrence of direct and indirect hernias can be accomplished by the following measures: Maintain body weight as per one’s Body Mass Index; strengthen abdominal muscles through exercise; adopt a high in fibre diet to reduce pressure on the abdomen; safe lifting when necessary.

Recovery times will vary, depending on the type of surgery performed. Patients undergoing open surgery will experience little discomfort and will resume normal activities within one to two weeks. Laparoscopy patients will be able to enjoy normal activities within one or two days, returning to a normal work routine and lifestyle within four to seven days, with the exception of heavy lifting and contact sports.

As for future sexual contact, it would be very unlikely for a hernia to affect a man's ability to maintain an erection or to achieve orgasm and ejaculation, as it does not distort or compress the blood vessels or nerves that control penile erection and ejaculation. Surgery can occasionally compromise the blood supply to the testis, providing another potential mechanism for low testosterone.
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It took me 3 days after my Operation, which was Good enough for me. I,m A 46 years old male, and I was ready to go. I had some pain after, but my wife was more nervous and scared that I might Rupture something down there. Nothing happened, so we Did it the following day and it felt much better, so Good luck
with yours.
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My pre surgery notes recomended I wait for three weeks. It's now 1 week after surgery and I feel 90% fit, the (10cm horizontal ) incision is still a little uncomforable but no serious pain to talk of. I wouldn't want to push hard on the area, it's still a bit tender - my guess is that these things are different by person - go with your gut feeling (pardon the pun) - let the pain and discomfort guide you - if your at all worried don't do it.
Charlie (male) Dec 2010
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It may take about two months at the most your going to very sore after the Surgery you need chance to heal up first.. There will be some pain. And some Slow moving around.and after the surgery..   Take care.
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Go about a month after having surgery  its like having car insurance all ways cover everything
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Just had sex  16 days after inguinal  hernia surgery  ;also had a large hydrocele

No pain but my lower abdomen has a sore spot  today hopefully I didnt rip anything

No pain during sex - was quite a release and everything was fine
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Felt excruciating pain in scrotum when about to have orgasms will it be like that all the time
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Well it has been two weeks today since I had my inguinal surgery and although I have some pain and I'm still moving slightly slow I feel like I can do it. I'm female and I'm hoping that he wont  push up on my repair. I'm nervous but I'm getting excited and will let you know tomorrow wink wink
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I tried it 13 days after my inguinal hernia repair and I guess that was unlucky for me. Severe pain half way into things and although I managed to finish there was pain that accompanied ejaculation as well. I'm going to give it another week at least before trying to get back in the saddle!!
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Just had sex 24 hrs after surgery and it was awesome... Playing with fire but worth every moan... You only live once...JP
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Okay been like 2 weeks now and I am so ready, but I am scared that my boyfriend might rupture something
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1 hour after surgery definity go for it. It will streng thin your healing parts and help you recover faster :)

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