How Many Times Can I Have Sex In A Week?


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Hi, I'm currently having sex with my girlfriend and we are both aged 18, in a week we see each other 5 out of 7 days, and we usually end up having sex around 7 - 10 times on average, so depending on the age and the type of life style you lead really determines how much sex you have with each other, although  I must point out we have only been together for four months, and we are not married.

But I enjoy having sex with my girlfriend a lot and we both enjoy having sex, however me being a male I do enjoy the occasional game playing and drinking/going out, so for me to choose sex over partying/playing/going out my girlfriend would have to spice things up to get me excited.
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It just depends on how many times you can go in a day husband once did it 13 times in one day so get your calculator out.
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I agree with all the above. You and you sex partner can do.
Its up ! Up! To both of you and how much you both want. No one can really say. Some may be totally content with one or two times per week, others want it 7 times per week.
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The More the better. If she wants to then don't hold back. Keep in mind she might not always want to depending on her physical or emotional feelings, but don't let her be the one who always decides When and Where. You have needs too.
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It really is up to you. For some, it is even a question of how many you should do it in a DAY.
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I am alost 13 and I have sex many times in a week. One week I had sex over 30 times with my boyfriends and I still wanted more.

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