How Many Times In A Week Hand Practice Is Ok And Healthy For Boy Of 26 Years Of Age? Please Reply


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Masturbation is Manual stimulation of the genitalia leading to orgasm. Though people have different beliefs about it. However, medically it is normal to masturbate. How many numbers of time? It is up to you. However, if you do it in more numbers, your body will definitely be affected. You will feel pain in legs and back.

In my opinion, one should not do hand practice unless he feels that he doesn't has any other way out. You can do it once in a week or month.
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Owais Razzaque
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please let me know others way out as my legs and back pains even if i do it once a week
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oh get real. next youll be complaining youre going blind
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Masturbation is totally related with the psyche of a person; if you think a lot abt sex or you have interaction with opposite a lot: There are two option normally I will suggest Fight or Fly
In fight you just control urself and don't do anything which z a very practice only do by saint or hejra's
And second condition is to fly mean to do it masturbation or sex: Am also doing a lot normally 1 or sometimes 2 n a day
M become more slim but I have no option haha
Might b soon will go for marriage
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At 26, you ain't a boy. However, there is no rule to how many times a day/week/month you want to treat yourself and I've never heard of it affecting the legs and back.
However, if you go too mad you may end up with a sore 'member' and the you-know-what's- cramp that affects the wrist.

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