I get soooo nervous when i try to talk to this one guy or even like interact with him, and i wanna try to hang out with him because i asked him out and he said he didnt really no who i wuz so hed think about it. Help? (srry its so long)


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This happened to me to. Before you go near him make sure you look nice and smell clean (sounds shallow but keep with me here.) say hi to him in the hallway and if you see him in the lunchroom give him a little wave. That way he knows your friendly. Try getting a seat next to him in class. That way you can still talk but you don't need to talk much so its okay if your nervous. OH YEAH! And if your getting a seat next to him in class, try to get there before him. Like if you see a group of his friends and you know hes going to sit there too, put one chair in between the group and then sit down. If he feels comfortable, he'll go and sit between you and his friends. But if he doesnt he'll sit on the opposite side of them. If he doesnt just keep working on having little conversations here and there.
BUT ONE THING TO NEVER NEVERRRRRRRR DO.... Never, EVER, be too clingy. Don't make your way over to him. Make him come over to you. When he does, you'll get the  confidence because he wants to talk to you. But if you try to force yyourself to him, you'll be nervous because you don't know what he wants. You need to make him attracted by having LITTLE talks like before gym or something. He needs to know who you are. Or you might be walking into a class room together. Have a LITTLE talk then.

Hope this helps!
~Dino Rawr

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