I've tried having sex with my boyfriend 4 times but it really hurts and I don't know what to do!! Should I see a doctor??


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What a loser this spamming troll is! SMH!

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Yes it could be that you need to use lubrication also painful sex is not normal and does require a doctor to give you a answer. It could be many things going but i would request you to see a doctor. Also you could join a site that answers sexual health questions such as yours called there is Women/ Girls of all ages who will you all you do is sign up with a Username , use a email to confirm your account . The owner of the site is awesome guy but he doesn't take people who troll , spam , racist  etc.  Best Wishes with your matter.

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Typical TROLL, asking and answering your own anonymous question.

              We don't tolerate spammers or trolls here either

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