My boyfriend and I had sex today for the first time and he was pretty big and rough, but anyway now my vagina is sore and puffy and it burns when I pee. My mom doesn't know we had sex and I don't want to tell her - what should I do?


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Wow, you have finally lost your virginity. Hmmmmm, well maybe you just don't tell her or make any obvious reason that you have lost it. That way it will ensure you safety of being told off or worse. And also, destroy all evidence like condoms (if you used any) and etc...

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Amanda Layne answered

There could be a number of causes for swelling and pain after sex. If its lasting a while, it probably isn't directly related to the size of this guy or how rough he was.

What is more likely is some sort of yeast infection or vaginitis. This is easily treatable, but you'll need to see a doctor. Your mum doesn't need to know exactly what you're going to the doctor for, but she might have a clue when you ask her not to come in with you. Either way, what's worse: Letting an infection get serious or facing your mum? I guess it's your call..

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She should try to tell her mom maybe she can help!

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