My wife and I agreed to seperate for 6 months. Part of the agreement was not to see other people.Today she tells me she is pregnant and it's most likely his: another man's child. We had sex 1 time and they had sex 3 times within 2 weeks! What should I do?


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She broke the agreement, not you, so make the separation legal if you can't accept it 100%, and return to each other.  You didn't say how she wants it to go from here with the other guy.

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Well, how much do you love her?

If you are willing to look past the fact that she lied that is one thing. What about if the child turns out to be the other man's? Then what? Are you going to bring him up as your own son and just forget the past?

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clarence cw
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Thats a great question Holly. I yet have an answer to raising the child. I love her but I think its too much to handle. Its one thing to cheat,but to end up pregnant is another diniamic.
Holly D'Anna
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Sorry I haven't been on much this week, how did this go Clarence?
clarence cw
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Hi holly. Im still undecided on which direction I should go. We have had discussions on what to do. Nothing is 100%
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Hey pal, sorry to hear about this and I don't want to influence you as this is your life and only you can make the calls here, but I can tell you that personally if my wife did the same to me there is no way in hell I would take her back. Or at least if I did, she would have to work very hard to prove her trustworthiness ever again.

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clarence cw
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I agree Patrick. Thats where Im as for now with it. But I believe once a cheater always. We have been together 17 years(7 married) but dont think its worth it.thanks
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Damn that's rough. Poor guy. I wouldn't like to be in that situation.

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