What Are The Different Positions I Can Try During Sex With My Girlfriend?


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There are many sex positions you can try to enjoy with your girlfriend. The reason people try unique and different position in order to enjoy sex with their partner and they get bore using the single position. So one of the easiest positions which most of the wedding couple try is the missionary position. In which the men lie on top of the women and by raising the legs of the women he can make the actual position of the base to produce the maximum sperms so that it can hit to the cervix of the women on the right place.

The second position which the couples can try when the women in on the top and men is under the women and score the goal by hitting the exact location of the women and the vagina is exposed to the maximum point for the male so the sperm can easily find the right place. Another position which the male and female both can try is by lying side by side with face to each other. They can have sex in this way if they want to try something new in their life. So these are the various positions the couples can try in order to enjoy better sex.
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Experiment. You need to figure out for yourselves what is best for you and your partner. And, experimenting is fun in itself. There are numerous sex positions. Some where the men are on top, woman on top, lying side-by-side, standing, sitting, anal, rear entry and more. They are all great to try. Examples include the traditional missionary position, cuban cradle, the butterfly, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, the eiffel tower, and dozen's of others. Http://

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