What Are Some Cute Nicknames I Can Use With My Girlfriend?


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The answer really depends on her personality - but popular nicknames include words like:

  • pumpkin
  • angel
  • darling
  • sweetie
  • sweetheart
  • love
  • babe
  • sexy
  • honey
Cute nicknames to call your girlfriend
The best nicknames reflect the kind of relationship you have with your girlfriend. For example, my man often uses cute 'joke' names with me that we both find humorous.

He also likes calling me 'munchkin' which I find rather endearing.

Recently, he's started calling me 'babes' (although he pronounces it more like 'bebz') and I find that slightly irritating.

Where can I find sweet nicknames for my girlfriend?
Artifacting.com have a long list of cute pet names to call a partner, and their A-Z list has everything from 'Adorable' through to 'Zany'.

Makefive.com have also complied a list of 15 common nicknames to give a loved one, with 'cutie π' (pronounced 'cutie pie') being one of my favorites.

You can also add extra cuteness to your nickname by adding a rhyming word after it. For example, the word 'honey' sounds cuter when coupled with the word 'bunny'.

The two words don't even need to make sense - so you could get away with calling your girlfriend something like 'pumpkiny mumpkiny' (although if you use that kind of nickname in public, you risk sounding like a bit of a dork!).
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alex moore answered
"Sexy beast" works for me, also good for guys.
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Just say babe... That works for me and my boyfriend!
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You could call her 'cavity' - you know, as in 'she's so sweet she gives you cavities'.

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