What Are Cute Boyfriend And Girlfriend Signatures?


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Cute boyfriend and girlfriend signatures can be added to the end of a text message. These will normally be added to express the feelings that you have for the person you are sending the text message to.
Emotions that can be added to a text include:

• :)
This symbol simply means a smile; this denotes that you are happy with the person you are sending the text message to.

• :-D
This one is a grin, and could be classed as a cheeky smile. Maybe a smile on the bottom of the text message isn't sufficient, and you want to indicate that you are really happy.

• :))
A big smile will show the receiver of the text message that you are extremely happy that you are with them.

• @-)---
The ultimate in romantic terms, as far as texting goes, this symbolizes a rose, the most romantic flower of all. The person sending this text must really be in love with the receiver.

All of these text signatures can be read by turning the head to a 90-degree angle. The text message is normally a shortened version of what somebody wants to say. The text could also end with something that will tell the person on the other end how you feel about them. Some examples of this are always&forever, baby-it's-you, and me&you. All of these signatures show the person you are sending them to, that you love them. Another example is 4everurs, meaning forever yours, and it is also possible that you would want to end the text with some kisses, much as you would a letter to someone you love.
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>(boyfriends first name initial)+(your first name initials)<

(boyfriends first name initial)+(your first name initials)<3

[boyfriends name]<3
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~(Boyfriend's name) is the BEST~

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