My Ex Girlfriend Dumped Me But Wants To Be Friends. Does She Still Love Me?


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This reminds me of my relationship with this girl whom I dated for about 2 months. We broke up more than month ago. She is my classmate in college.

I wasn't the perfect boyfriend but I loved her and I gave my best to make her feel happy and loved. At the end of the day she felt that wasn't good enough and she simply dumped me via email, giving me a multitude of reasons which I thought were just exaggerated. It was sad because our relationship was all about her and not us.

I was heartbroken and left confused, and it was made worse when I found out she resumed contact with her ex-boyfriend a day after we broke up. Within a week they were exchanging lovey-dovey wall posts on Facebook. I decided to break any form of communication with her, but before that I gave her a piece of my mind. Feeling threatened, she arrogantly said she doesn't care and also whatever that happens between her ex and her, that's her own problem. I'm a man of my words and I totally shut her off from my life. Within a few weeks she didn't take it too well, because she thought I was just kidding.

A month after we broke up, she sent me a text message saying that she felt bad that we aren't talking anymore and she wants to things to return as before. I deleted it without even bothering to reply.

Sometimes girls like these are just insecure and see men as their security blanket. Once they are sick of them, they throw them away like trash. I decided not to communicate with her because she treats me like a fool and believe that times heals everything and she thinks everything will be settled via text message. Till this day she doesn't dare to make any attempts to talk about our unresolved issues, but instead, she attempts to try to talk to me thinking that I will return to those days where we joke and laugh. I am feeling so broken and yet she only wants to hear the good stuff.

Till today, we are still not talking. And she is already back with her ex-boyfriend.
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areesha jahan khan
That's 2 long and kind of heart breaking ;)
2 months on paper is eternity in my pocket how much did i have to prove to him the mail man is convinced i am his buddy i paid his taxes this year
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If she wants to be who she was before, it is over. You apparently made her someone she didn't like to be. She might like you, but she doesn't like herself when she is with you. Find someone else and never look back.
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I have been in the same exact situation.  Unfortunately everyone is right.  Cut your loses and
move on.  Time heals all wounds and eventually you will find someone who truly loves you and that you can't imagine yourself without.
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I'm going through this right now.  We were together for a little over 2 years.  We lived together for most of that time.  She was going through nursing school for the first part.  She got a job and started working for about the last 8 months.  Since she started working we started growing apart.  I am a truck driver and my hourly income is half of hers.  I think that didn't help anything.  Recently I moved out of her house and back with my parents.  I didn't hear from her, she blew me off.  A month after I moved out she called me to come and get my stuff it is over.  I still love her very much but she is looking to move on.  I haven't called her and she hasn't called me.  I'm realizing it is over.
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I think that she is still interested in you. But you have to man up and be wary of ulterior motives. Perhaps she just needed time to feel herself. As its only been four weeks, it is likely that she may be missing you. You need to eventually get down to the real issue about why she dumped you. Maybe it was because she wanted more space or something. Be careful of not getting into the same patterns as before.

Good luck.
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She dumped you, that just means she needs space to figure things out or theres someone else. If she is truly meant for you then she will come to you.
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She probably wants to stay friends. She doesnt want to become in a relationship because she would be afraid of dumping you, or her getting dumped. She probably missed the good times with you and wants to stay friends. She dumped you. SHE DID! Don't think that she wants to get back in a relationship, dude.
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Just because she wants to be friends again doesn't mean she still loves you. It just means that she's sick of being at odds with you and just wants things to go back the way they were before you started dating.
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She doesn't love you anymore. I'm going through the same thing meet up and talk to her and ask her face to face whether she does or she doesn't. I'm meeting up with my ex and I need to do this for closure, once I do this I will feel like I can move on.
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Its over dude move on shes with someone else,  girls always have another before they brake up.  If you do want just her friendship than great enjoy!! But I would not expect anything else.
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It sounds like she wants to be friends with you. Maybe the romance part didn't work out but your friendship was so special to her.
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Girlfriend wants me to go enjoy myself while she is on her space and I refused she goes it is only unfair to waste our tym what if it doesnt work after all... The reason for the space was because I found out I have a baby from one of my ex. Don't know what to do ...
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Friend can txt that kind of thing  doesnt mean they have feelings for you. Maybe you just want her to have feelings  you because you have feelings for her still

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