Why Does My Ex Girlfriend Call Me After We Broke Up?


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Don't fall for it dude. I've been in the same situation a few times and it always ends up bad. Girls are full of crap and will use you until they can't get anything else out of you. All ex's have a hidden agenda and its usually a selfish one that benefits them and hurts you. Turn your back and move on.
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Well maybe she still has feelings for you talk to her and tell her that you don't have feelings for her and that you don't want her to call you
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What did she say when she phoned you? Errr... Maybe she wants to be friends again or she likes you again. But it depends on what happened btw you guys.
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it depends did you break up with her or did she break up with you. If you broke up with her she still loves you but if she broke up with you she wants to be friends
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I guess she miss you.. And we are really not sure what she wants.. You should have ask her..
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It's possible that she still calls you because she still looks at you as her friend. And then again she could be hoping that in still associating with one another she feels that you may decide to start the relationship back up again.
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Girls like to stay in touch with their old boyfriends. We like to stay friends. Maybe it's just our nature, or maybe we just don't want you to get over us completely. Maybe she still likes you and misses you.

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