Should My Girlfriend And I Have Sex? (read details)


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No. You're 14. Since you're doubting yourself, obviously you're not ready.
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Everyone knows that the bible says sex before marriage is a sin.  Do you want to know something most people really don't know?  The most popular bible, the King James version was written by guess who, King James!  Very good guess.  Want to know something even more interesting?  At the time it was written King James and his sister had the Royal Clergy do the translations and writings to "suit the royal purpose".  This means they manipulated the original texts to suit their desires and needs.  Oh and as an added bonus, King James was never married and rumored to have had numerous Male lovers.  Now if you are following things here that means King James was a homosexual.  Ghast!  No way.  So aside from the bible beating opinions, how about this, do you love them?  Do they love you?  Not just the I want to rub naughty bits with you type of love but real love.  If you do and you feel the time is right to share your bodies with one another and are not doing so out of any type of pressure then go for it.  Ultimately it is you two who will live with the decision and the results of that decision.  If you are not ready for that burden then don't.
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Oh, and as a personal note to the whole thing. I was 13 when I had sex the first time and although it was fun it certainly was not all it could have been. I learned so much more about love and passion during the next few years that when I had sex again it was amazing. Looking back now I wish I had waited to make sure it was not just about what I thought passion was and instead about what I knew passion was.
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I would wait when a year not because you to young (which is true) but because sex changes things sometimes for to good sometimes for the bad, When you are ready you will know and always use protection, most important of all don't let other kids pressure you to do it before your ready.
Good luck, Hope I helped.
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Personally I don't think you should. You are too young to understand what love really is and dating for 6 months is not a big accomplishment. You should wait a couple more years when you are a lot more mature, that way the sex will be a lot more meaningful and odds are that you're not going to be dating that much longer  and you're not going to marry her so why don't you just wait until you're in a serious relationship.
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Man no!
14 to young.
I'm 15 I'm pregnet now because I had sxx with my dead bf before he died.
You would put your gf's life in stress if you got her pregnet.
Why rush things?
Things happen for a reason when the time is right it will happen.
Good luck!
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Definitely don't!.  I know the genes are popping for both of you, but where it is doesn't mean for you are prepared ... For parent-hood or the financial nor emotional effects that are involved.  Sure, the "sex" part is enjoyable.  But even if you take precautions, what happens if it leaks and she becomes pregnent.  Now tell me James, are you at 14 prepared to be a "Father" to a child?
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You two aren't really ready to go that far just yet. I'm 17, going to be 18 in June & my bf & I haven't done anything like that.. We're just waiting for the right moment.
For you, where your 14 & everything.. NO! You might THINK your ready, but your really not. Sex is a very big step in a relationship & it's very serious. To me, 6 months aint that long.. Wait til you actually know she's the one.. Try not to do anything til your like 16 at least. 14 is just wayyy to young, hon!! If you love her & she loves you, then you two can wait. (: Love isn't about having sex. { Put it as 'making love' instead of sex.. It sounds a lot better. } (: Hope this helps you out, even if just a little. Lol (: Take care & good luck!!
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If you need to ask people on here, then maybe you are not ready .  You are both young, so why rush things .?  You can have a loving relationship without sex .  It will happen naturally when the time is right , and I'm glad you said you would wear protection .  Good luck .
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Personally I don't think you should. You really aren't even sure for your self if you should do it or not. So obviously you're confused and you're not completely sure/ready. So I feel like you should wait low lil longer until that moment when you really realize I'm ready for this I love her so much and I'm mentally and emotionally ready for this next step in our relationship. Honestly it take it from I lost mine at 14 and I really wasn't sure if I should have done it before I did but I did and I've been regretting it ever since. You don't want to regret your first time so just wait a little longer! I hope this helps you some!
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Well you should wait til you think your ready man. I wait til I had a yaer with my gf to make sure she was the one. So just wait a bit more your to young for that anyways.
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Your still very young. If you really love her, you will b able to wait. You will regret doing it so young. Even 3rd base is alittle to far. Never go for a homerun at age 14
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Let me tell you something that most of people don't know. Did you know that, in the Bible, doing sex before you marry is a sin? So , please, don't do it (unless you want to go to hell) because if you do this, you'll feel regret for the rest of your life

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