When Trust Is Gone In A Marriage, Is The Marriage Not Worth Saving?


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Till death do you part baby! You need to work at it. Throwing in the towel is a cowards way out and is the laziest thing to do. If you divorce then I suggest you never marry again because you'll never stay married. You'll always find some cop out to ruin another marriage because thats how you roll and somewhere in your brain you've been programed to quit instead of making it work. Trust can be regained so work together and live happily ever after. When you marry someone, its forever!! No matter how many times you cheat, lie, steal,beg or borrow.you stand by each other no matter what even if one of you becomes a vegetable in an accident and drools all over the place. That is who you told god you were going to take care of the rest of your natural life. Takes two to tango. Solve your problems and it'll make your relationship stronger. Trust me. I'm going on 24 years with my babe and I still chase her around the house naked. We've had our ups and downs and we worked at our marriage and its all good. Don't be a lazy coward. Unless your partner does things to you that put your life at risk or your well being, there is no excuse for divorce. Even if he/she does something to land them in jail. Means you're married to a jail bird and you wait for them. Remember, he/she will answer for their sins on judgement day and if the almighty will forgive, then no excuse for you not to.
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That's fine and dandy but my husband happens to be an alcoholic and whenever he drinks he gets verbally abusive and also does stupid things like asking about other women or emailing his past girlfriends. How can I ever forgive that or trust that.

Thanks for your comments. Have a lot to think about.

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