Is marriage a civil right?


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I think it has been a big mistake to confuse legal marriage with spiritual/religious marriage. The legal marriage should have been given a different name, since it is a contract in law, not a religious act.

Two atheists can 'marry' each other in the legal sense, but it has nothing to do with the religious ceremony/ritual it is often confused with.
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Well marriage is the civil joining together of two separate people. In my opinion it doesn't really matter as to whether or not marriage is a right. If two people really love each other and want to be together, they will be together regardless of whether or not they are married.
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NO, I believe it is a civil wrong. What I want to know is when is interspecies going to become a civil right. I've got my eye on this black and white Pomeranian across the street. Do you think God may be bisexual and is allowing these perversions? I also do not espouse inter racial marriage either, Don't fool with Mother Nature's plan, it's not our placeā€¦..
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Yes i do consider it as civil right.
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Well...there are some that are created in a "civil" ceremony, and some which are created in a church. I guess it depends on which your going for. But is it a "right"?  No....I think it's a choice.
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It is only right when two citizens one being male and one being female(born that way)(not of the same family) marry one another in front of God and at least 2 legal witnesses.any other combination is how shall we say not right.the judge that just reversed the decision in california went against the constitutional right of the what was it 7 million voters just in california not to mention against the rights of all the other states to decide for their own state what a legal marriage is. I have a feeling californians are going to fight to change this ruling and probably ask for the resignation of that judge for taking his belief and using it as a influence on the gay other words being that he is supposedly gay he should have withdrew himself from the he was not a completely neutral judge when it came to this case.
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Yea but the same could then apply to any verdicts ruling marriage is between a man and woman only..... Should we question the sexual orientation of the folks who say gay is wrong? Especially since they seem to always be straight
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Usually a case(of this magnitude) is tried before a panel of judges -more than 2-this judges abused his power and did not allow the voters to how shall we say act the part of the defendant and the plaintiff.there was no discussion at all between the sides of the case. In other words some could say there could be only one outcome to his is like congress passing themselves a pay raise in the middle of a recession. It's like giving a choca holic the keys to the hershey bar factory .
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Bonghit-think about this if marriage is not defined as between a man and a woman intended to procreate-re-populate the earth. We could have little old women not only giving their home to their pet cat but marrying that same cat because there is no legal definition for it. In case you have not read the news around the world a man did just this he married his should that man and that cow have the same rights as you/a couple-man and woman who are raising children/a family. Really?
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No, it is God's, ask yourself:  Who defines what comprises  marriage and who should make up this 'marriage'?  In this civil right, is God, the creator of marriage allowed to have a say?  Or in your question, do you mean, do all persons have the right to marry whoever they want, regardless of what the creator of 'marriage' may say about it?  You can't have marriage 'work' if you ignore it's manufacturer.  It is not a 'civil right', It is God's arrangement for the family.
Hope this helps!
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Civil Rights are the rights for individuals to receive equal treatment - and to be free from discrimination or unfair treatment.
Marriage is an activity via religion. They have never been a fan of "Civil Rights" of any kind.
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Yes And  It Should Be Allowed For  Gays Too. I Know Several Gay Couples Who Had To Fight To Be Joined But They  Are  Happy Now
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Marriage is  not a civil right.  It is a choice to fall in love & be with each other for the rest of one's lives.

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