is it right for a married couple who is having issues speak to the opposite sex for marriage advice?


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Walt O'Reagun answered

Of course ... I mean, if it's a heterosexual couple seeking counseling, at least one of them is going to be the opposite gender of the counselor.  LOL

And yes ... If only one partner goes to a professional for marriage counseling, it is okay for that counselor to be of the opposite gender.

But if you're just talking to friends/relatives ... No.  In the first place, you shouldn't even be discussing marriage problems with outsiders unless it is a professional.

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I would not go down that  road. When you do that you are emotionally attaching yourself to another, which will only erode the relationship with your mate. Why not try hard  to communicate with your mate and that way you can begin to  rebuild trust in your marriage. The website Has a section  strictly devoted to couples. My husband and I often go there to help us sort out issues that we have. I know that you would find it beneficial as well.

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Matt Radiance answered

In my opinion yes. There's nothing wrong, bad or inappropriate about it. Sometimes other's experiences,outlooks and suggestions can help the person or the couples to get through their issues.

The couples confronting each other's issues and communicate mutually and effectively is something but taking other's perspectives on the issues by the will is something else.

It's good to have someone to trust and qualify to take  their advise. (whether opposite sex or not) it's not a big deal until we make it a big deal. It's nothing be worried about to me.  Some issues can't really get done by the couples itself. Due different reasons, it could be cause they lack of understanding each other through the matter, they feel things going unfair and against them! Misunderstandings comes on the line and many many more! And actually sometimes people do things and show behaviors but they don't understand they doing it!  So at this level, other's outlooks, words and advises from the outside can help the couples to find an understanding.

We have family advisers and therapists. They could be male or female. Gender doesn't really matters unless you be on some individual based beliefs or issues.

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Sometimes you need to talk to someone of the opposite sex to understand their point of view. I have talked to guy friends when my husband has been driving me crazy. They can give a spin I may not see, and there is no emotional pull to the conversation.

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Tom Jackson answered

Marriage is both wonderful and tricky.

Many of us are married to our best friend.

But real intimacy in a marriage is rarely polite because we are constantly exposing the core of what we are to our mates, and it can be difficult to maintain the proper amount of respect and regard for our mate while we dealing with those core issues and also sometimes fighting to be heard without being judged.

I once asked a female friend of mine to lunch.  She was closely involved with a male friend of mine, but she was really what I will call "down to earth" practical.

Long story short, my intent was to better understand adult women of my age and I got my Masters in the subject before dessert arrived.

It was a truly enlightening and clarifying experience.

I was not married at the time.  Depending on the relationship you have with your spouse, it might work.

But if you wind up needing more than just insight into your situation, I would highly suggest a professional counselor.

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