Is it ok for a married women to have sexual relationship with another married man?


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Well if you're married arent you happy? A marriage is built on trust and commitment if you can't give any of tht then why are you wasting your time? Grow up and get out of the relationship before somebody gets hurt its not fair on your husband how heartless are you? Be ashamed of yourself , and go be with the man you wish to be with and leave everybody else outta it. I can't believe you had the guts to ask such question.
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This is not good atall, take an example ,what you will feel if you know that your husband have another woman and he love her,talks to her infront of you and maybe make sex with her in the same house you inside! Tell me what you will feel? Am sure you will get confuse. So you have to know this is a marriage life and not a game.maybe you have children,you should be ashamed of your self coz this is not happy and good life,
the secret of this life and if you want to be happy with what you have, first you must have conviction of the reallity, high morality and living with dignity,that will convert your unhappy life to happiest life.
So you have to think twice with every single move,trust each other and love each need for bad ways.
On addition of that,you have to know always life contain problems and no one did not make mistakes.the mistake is not defect but should not be repeated.

I hope you understand and you will choose the right way,
wishes all the best.
Professor Abdillah
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No!! It's cheating!
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Dino Rawr answered
No! Your married to them for a reason! If you don't love them enough then you should talk to your husbund about it. He might be mad, but he might  also be accepting. You never know... He might be okay with it if he believes that a person can love more than one person at once. Also make shur that the other married man knows what hes doing and what kind of damage it can cause, because the last thing you want to do is cause trouble between that relationship and have it be partly your fault.

Most importantly, find out where you heart is
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shane finn answered
If you're cheating on the relationship then you need to reassess your life with your current partner, you need to talk to your partner but doing this will not help.
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lloyd dailey answered
It,s fine as long as her husband don,t come home and catch them.
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Britt Houde answered
Ummm.... Not really if you want a healthy relationship, but if you are trying to get a divorce than yes. One day your husband will find out... Do not take the risk.
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April Victorine answered
If its HER, husband then YES...but if not then NO...if your both unhappy enough to cheat on your spouses then end your marriages before hooking up.
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Steph Swank answered
No!  You can't do that.... Its called CHEATING! shouldn't do that crap..I mean if your unhappy just let the poor guy no so you can just go your separate  ways!
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Tony Newcastle answered
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