Why Would A Married Man Tell Another Women That He Loves Her?


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Probably just to get some; he's not in love, he's in lust!
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Because some men think they love with the Head that's between there legs.
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Maybe he does or maybe he's just trying to get in her pants
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Some men, just like some women, don't fully understand love and in that kind of situation I don't think that the man really loves either woman. You can't love someone and then go home to someone else, that's no the way that love works. The man is a jerk and is also more than likely afraid of commitment. Basically he wants his cake and wants to eat it too. You can't have both. I think cheating is the worst thing you can do to someone (outside of breaking the law that is) because it hurts for a long time and in more ways than expected. People always blame the husband in this situation as they rightfully should but it takes two people to cheat and this woman knows that he is married and has a family and that he isn't leaving his wife for her (because they never do) and yet she continues to carry on this affair with the knowledge that in the end someone's heart will be demolished. I don't know the people here but I don't think the husband deserves his wife at all and should just go off with his "love".
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The other woman would have to be his mother.

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