if a man never had sex his whole life and got married only one women would she be enough for him for the rest of his life to the level that he wouldn't even think that he needs more than her?


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Virginia Lou answered

Dear Anonymous,

I feel certain the answer is YES.

Evolution would naturally select for men who have children with many different women; however as human beings we can transcend our evolution, our destiny, for us love is everything.

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Yin And Yang answered

I would say so. My husband is all I ever had and ever wanted. I have no need or desire to look elsewhere and I never felt like I missed out either!

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Ancient Hippy answered

It's possible.

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Tom Jackson answered

Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys once said that "I like sex as much as the next man---I just like it with one woman (his wife)."

Doesn't matter how much sex (or any) you have had before you marry.

A good marriage provides the most satisfying sexual experience (among many other experiences) there can be.

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Walt O'Reagun answered

Sure ... Because according to your question ... "he never has sex his WHOLE life".  Not just his life up until he gets married, but his life after marriage.

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