Why does he want to marry me and hes only known me for a month and a half?


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Brenda Harrell answered
Some men know right away if you are the Lady he has been looking for all his life.  I think dating a person forever without a commitment is foolish.  He can ask you to marry him, but if you are not sure he is the man of your dreams than do not string him along tell him how you really feel.  Some men do not like to play games or prolong a courtship, why waste time.  If you do like him tell him you would like to take your time before rushing into marriage, because it is a big step and you would like to get to know him a little more before you make a lifetime commitment.  Take care
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Arthur Wright answered
Lacks self confidence so he wants to hurry before he loses you or so he thinks instead of letting the relationship grow and mature and see if it will even stand the test of time . Matbe he thinks youre the girls of his dreams and you may never come again
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Jil Blue answered
In a short time, a man can be the person they want to be in the eyes of a woman. Once married, the truth will eventually come out because of time. If time happens before the marriage, the woman would get to know their prospective mate more and can make an honest choice if they can make a go of it. I know a woman who married a man, within a few short months of meeting and once married, she had the first two years cleaning up his bad credit, back child support, and IRS problems, and lies of bank accounts (which he never had) before his and her wages could be used to get ahead.
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jess beard answered
Just watch what you are doing  becasue it could be the worst mistake in the world you ever done in your life.

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