Why does my mom want me to get married? I'm only 20 years old and she wants me to marry some guy she met at a restaurant that I don't even know. I don't understand her logic .


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She wants u out of the house and away from her simple

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Maybe Otis is right, but it's a drastic way to get you to move. Maybe she just wants grand kids (it's a very common thing with overly-maternal types).

The big thing to remember is that this choice is yours and only yours. You need to tell her to butt out.

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Is momma from the Old Country?

Move forward with your life,  this too shall pass.

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I agree .. It is not logical. Are you sure she is not just fooling  around. It is not only very illogical but unsafe for a mother to want to marry a daughter off to some stranger. That is very worry some behavior... If (by chance) she is even remotely serious, she maybe experiencing some level of a mental instability herself. That would explain get disassociation with reality... Other than that, she's just fun'n with you.

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Dance like a gypsy
Yeah she's not happy that I left my boyfriend who I met when I was in 13 so she haa to choose apparently .
Bikergirl Anonymous
Is this a common tradition where you live? I for one, am not too familiar with such casual choosing of a marriage partner .. Nor can I understand it... But that's just me
Dance like a gypsy
I live in the US, it's nothing cultural
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Is your mother single and are you living at home?

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Tom  Jackson
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Well, then she is definitely not neutral about this.

As I have said before on this site, logic is only a tool. The value of logic is only to evaluate whether you have legitimately gotten to a conclusion based on a given premise.

I'm afraid her premise is something like this:

Having my daughter living with me is not something that I want to continue indefinitely I want more freedom and less responsibility, but if I just I tell her to move out, she's still going to be my responsibility. But if she get's married, she's going to be her husband's responsibility. So I'm going to try to get her to marry somebody / anybody.

So, what she's doing is logical---that's one way for her to get what she wants.

Understandable, but that sucks.
Dance like a gypsy
I'm going to college and starting my own life soon so she won't have to worry. I have 3 other sisters and she does that to them too it's kind of odd
Tom  Jackson
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Well, that is definitely encouraging. It's no fun to feel unwanted.

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