so i'm 13, but my mom won't allow me to date yet, and i don't know why. all i would do is hold hands and kiss, nothing else, so why does she not want me to date? i think I'm old enough.


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Trust your mom about these things for as long as you can - she already went through it all a few years ago.

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My son wasn't allowed to date until he was 16 years old.  You are 13 years old - way too young to start "dating" a boy. And way too young to start kissing. Seriously. At your age, with puberty and hormones waging, there is no way in H E L L that I would have my daughter "dating". 

Your parents set the rules for dating because they have dated in the past and know how hormones can rage out of control with just a spark (kissing).

Have the boy come over to the house and meet your parents. Play a board game with him and your parents / siblings. This is called courtesy and gives them an opportunity to know him. If there were a group of kids that wanted to go to the movies or roller skating / bowling, etc., I might allow that, if I knew the kids. But one-on-one dating? No way.

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There's an old saying:  "Between the ages of 12 and 18 a person can get in enough trouble in 30 minutes to last a lifetime."

That's why whether you personally can date at your age has to be a judgment call on the part of your parents.

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Believe it or not, at 13 you are really just a child.  The problem you have is that your mom can see around corners you don't even know exist.  Listen to your mother. In this case, she actually does know best. 

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I actually do remember specific thoughts from when I was young and I actually do remember some ridiculous thoughts I had from then. Im only 20 now but I remember them when I was a "kid kid" I dont know if anyone els does. So weird
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typo double oops^
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I have a friend who got asked out on her 15th birthday. Her mom wouldn't let her date before that, and she just found out why her mom had that rule. I've had to help console her many times because of relationship problems that I won't get into right now.. She's trying to protect you, some relationships have hiccups and you need to be able to deal with them when you are ready.

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13 doesn't make sense to date imo. Too young. I don't know any family that allowed or approved it for anything under 16.

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I know its hard to understand maybe this will help.

Close your eye's and imagine that you are her age,

and have a girl just about your age. Wouldn't you want to ,

protect them any way you could. The only way to do that without

being there is to set some ground rules until they get older.

Think how you would feel if something happened to your girl

and you were not there. That's what love does. Remember:

She loves you.

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Yes, I agree.

Actually I knew an astrologer who spoke of similar things in a similar way.

He eventually confided in me that he was born on the planet Venus.
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Rubbish! Women are born on Venus, men are born on Mars. Maybe he was a cross dresser?
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At the age of 13, I don't think dating is necessary. Dating is supposed to lead to a future for you (marriage, a family, etc) but at the age of 13 people don't really have the maturity to want that yet. They just like the idea of being in a relationship because it's so exciting and new. I would wait a while, I didn't date until I was 17 and even then I had no clue what I was doing haha

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Teenage boys are hormones with feet!  Your mom knows this and she's also trying to protect you from being put in a situation that you're way too young to handle.

It seems like a long time to wait but when you are old enough to date you'll look back at the 13 year old you and be glad that you waited.

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The fact you are 13 and think you are old enough just proves you are not old enough. Dating puts sometiimes puts you in precarious situations and you are simply not mature enough to deal with them.

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Parents usually want what is best for their children. There's a wise saying that says show honor to your parents so that it will be good for you and your time on the earth will be long(Ephesians 6:2,3). Parents can recognize potential problems before you can and listening to them usually saves you from unnecessary trouble. Relationships are hard work and they can really mess with your emotions . Why not just enjoy being unattached and being young?

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