I found out my GF has been cheating on me for over a year. A few different guys, and one is married, and they've been hooking up for over a year. I want to to rat him out to his wife, and bust my GF. But I don't want her to know I looked at her phone?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic is limitless, answered

If you're going to "bust your GF" then why does it matter if she knows you looked at her phone? Also, before you go off half-cocked, take some time to calm down. Nothing good comes from heated emotions. Once you have calmed yourself, talk to your girlfriend about what you know and how you know it. If you decide to "rat him out" just remember that that man's wife is innocent. Handle this situation gently and with care. Good luck.

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What she did was WAY worse than you looking at her phone, which really isn't a big deal. She is in the wrong here. Telling this guy's wife may be a little drastic but if it's possible, you could talk to him and get him to see that what he has done is wrong and maybe he can come clean to his wife instead. Of course if you feel too betrayed by your girlfriend then it may be a bad idea to talk to this guy, in which case you should go to the wife. Try to remain calm and don't go in there accusing people. Just say what you have found on your girlfriend's phone and that you suspect they have cheated. Let her talk to her husband after that. 

I'm sorry that this happened to you. Best of luck in the future :) I hope you find someone who treats you better.

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You know the right thing to do. Leave her and rat him out. Not worth your time and energy.

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What's the point. Revenge will not serve any good purpose. That said, you need to not one moment longer be with this person. For at least a year she has showed you that she doesn't really care about you. Move on. You know, it's really true that the best revenge is living well. 

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Wait wait what ? She is cheating and you re more concerned about what she'll think if she hears you looked at her phone ... REALLY?!

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