I need a really good fake secret cuz my friend said she'd tell me her biggest secret if i told her mine and my biggest ones are really embarassing and personal, and i've only known her for 2 months?


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Say that you gave a valentine card to a boy who was already dating someone and his girlfriend saw the card in his hand and she slapped you:)
well good luck=D
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Meta Forrest answered
I don't think it's fair if you get her to reveal a secret, but your not willing to do the same .  Be decent and just tell her, you don't know her well enough yet to reveal your innermost secrets .
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Nadya Bean answered
I think you should tell her the truth. I mean if shes really your bff, then you guys should be able to trust each other.
Actually this is my friends secret.. Use it if you want :P
so on the bus home one day... There was this guy she goes to school with and theyre friends and all and sorta in a flirty way. Then on the bus hom ehe apparently ALWAYS get boners. He like took her hand and put it over his crotch. And was like mini hj. With pants on obvi.

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