I broke up with my boyfriend in like first grade,and were going into 6th grade.He is going out with my friend now and I really like him & wanna be with him.What do i do?


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You should just keep smiling and see what happens. You can't do anything because your friend is with him. If you try steal him away then you will most likely end up losing your friend. Think about how you would feel if she did that to you. So be a loyal friend. And just be good friends with him. Enjoy the time you get to talk and hang out. If and when they break up wait a little while then tell him you want to go out. But not if your girlfriend still likes him. You will have to choose her or him in that case. Oh and try keep your feelings to yourself right now,you know how people like to talk. Good luck.
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Wait wait wait, you had your first boyfriend in first grade? Sorry but there is no need to even be worrying about boyfriends in the 6th grade that is not important. What is important is learning as much as you can, making friends, and getting into some type of hobby. Believe me boys will always be there no matter what age you are so just wait. You're to young right now to understand the concept of love.
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Bit patronising mate :-/ Although I have to say I agree, but to a point, because I remember having feelings for girls in year 4, 5 and 6. So although I agree that you don't need to worry about things like that yet, if you tell him how you feel then leave the choice up to him, he is the one going out with someone else so ultimately he is the one that will have to choose between the two of you. Hope this helps.
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Me and my boyfriend just started dating and were goin into 6th grade too and he used to date my best friend I waited stayed out of it soon we became like best friends then he broke up with her for me so just keep on talking to him and get to know eachother more lol then he will love you!!!!!! Hope this helped lol!!! :) good luck

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