What Can I Do If I Broke Up With My Boyfriend Because It Wasn't Working Out But Now I Want Him Back What Should I Do?


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What you should do is think before you react to things. I understanding you wanting him back, you regret breaking up with him don't you? Well try and get back with him and see what he really wants to do things... GOOD LUCK.....
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I had this same problem... Basically beg for him back...what you do is...
1) say sorry for what you did
2) explain the reason why you did what you did and that you didn't mean it
3) talk to him about it
4) express your love for him eg remind him of the good memories together and why you love eachother PLUS if you been going out with him for a while or a long time... Remind him why you 2 have stuck by eachother for so long
6) also say you will never do it again... And don't want to hurt him like that again etc....

Also tell him you never want to loose him for good... And that hes the world to you etc...and that you LOVE HIM :P

Hope this helps a little :) plus talk to eachother .... If something gave you the reason to 'break up with him' talk about that problem :)
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Before finally trying for getting him back, I think you should first carefully think why you want him back. Are you sure you wont regret it later? I mean how will it work out this time?

If you still want him even after having considered the above, then you would go about it considering your relation with him. I mean you know him and your relation better, so proceed in a manner in which you know your chances of getting him back would be the brightest.

I personally suggest you don't tell him just like that that you want him back. What you should do is to start contact with him slowly, and then maybe start hanging out with him again and stuff. He may not react very positively if you directly tell him that you want him back now.
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I feel if what ever the reason was why you broke up with him if it was his fault he could seem like he change or made an effort to change but he didn't and because you broke up with him things between you two will never be the same.don't waste your time going thru the dumpster when you can easily something better.
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Hopefully you ended the relationship on good terms. If not, it will be more challenging and thus the phrase, never burn your bridges.

What you need to do is talk to him and explain why you broke up with him. I would guess that when you told him last time, you were a bit heated. This time, explain what you didn't like about him but realized that in a relationship, you have to give and take. You are willing to give a little as long as he is also willing to give a little. That you want the relationship back and are sorry you acted so quickly to your feelings (sounds like another area where you could give a little) and he might be accepting (where he takes a little).

If he is already seeing someone, it may make it much more difficult but you can at least try to speak to him and see if he still cares about you as it sounds you care about him.
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That is exacctly what happened between me and my boyfriend. I heard all this stuff about me that he said and i acted to quicly and broke up with him. Were friends again but i want to be more with him again. I made a mistake and i want to fix it. Im seeing him tonight so maybe things can work out. I dont no how he still feels about me. Ill take ur advice
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I broke up with my boyfriend because the peer pressure from my friends was too bad. I have told him I want him back and he didnt believe me. I crushed the poor guy. We can't even be in the same room together anymore. He also keeps sending me mixed signals. One minute he is listening to my conversations and the next he glares at me. I miss him soo badly and its been 3 months and I can't move my heart away from him to another.
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You should ask him out!! :)
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Oh my the same thing happened to me tell him that you really regret breaking up with him . See what he says , you never no till you try .
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Beg to him if you have to for forgiveness. Make him believe that he is special and show him that you'll do anything for him.

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