Me and Caden have been together a long time but we broke up. Now I want to be with Colton. But Caden was hurting so bad I took him back. What do I do?


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This sounds like a bad soap opera story.

Be with the one you love, if that's possible. Don't be with someone out of pity or because you feel sorry for them.

Don't be unkind when you break up with someone. They have feelings, just like you do. If it's not working out, have a face to face conversation with them and tell them it's not working out.

When you're in junior high, just be friends with boys; not boyfriend / girlfriend. There is too much drama in school to try and have a serious relationship with someone. Go on group dates and have fun.

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Danae Hitch
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It was hard to guess because the situation sounded like something you would run across in junior high. Don't bounce from guy to guy. Spend some time getting to know Colton before you decide you want to be his girlfriend. Never hurts to have a friend.
Merlin happy happy
I'm sorry Grunge Princess... and I truly am not trying to offend you..
But... by your name and your innocence of the question, I do feel Danae Hitch was in her good thoughts in directing you.
I will answer as well...
and we both would like to help you
Grunge Princess
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I've had my name from quite some time. I understand.
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What you do is you break up with Caden and you stay that way. To be with someone because you don't want to hurt them, actually hurts them more in the long run. I don't care if you want to be with someone else or not.

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Grunge Princess
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Thank yiu but What about colton? Others told me to wait at least 2 weeks
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That depends on how much people gossip where you are and whether you want a reputation or not. Besides, are you sure Colton wants to be with you?
Grunge Princess
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Yeah I am. And I understand
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Stop dating guys whose names begin with C.

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Merlin happy happy
You know the rules right noww..
Don't start...
Don't start being so funny and laughing...
That's it!!!
You did it!!!
Laughing over here at the Merlin household.
No C's allowed.
Only A's for Ancient.
Happy! Happy!
Ancient Hippy
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It makes sense to me. She should try dating someone in the D's next.
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I know you are taking this to heart. Please know we all are trying to help you.

You have the power.  You have the power to find what feels right.  If these two guys are in conflict in your heart, your decision, is what they are relying on.  Not who is better or not.  But what you would like,  They have given you the power.

Be gentle... But strong. Make sure you let both of them know..  They are lost without you making a decision.

Take a deep breath.  Make a decision. They are counting on it.  Good Luck and know.... It is hard.... But you CAN do it.

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Sounds very elementary school. None of you need to be with anyone.  Spend several years growing up before you attempt a real relationship. 

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