Is It Wrong For A 17 Year Old Like A 26 Year Old?


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I  am  age 42   And    was  dating  a  19 year  old  but  she  was  broke  it  off  cause  I   just  said  that  we should  give   each  other  our  space ,   I  really  and  truly  was  hoping for  a  future   with her ..yes   people  can  say  that  age  is  wrong   But  she  was  legal  and   I  did  truly  loved  her   But    there  is  nothing  I can  do  she  hurt  me , so  I got  to try  to  heal  my broken   heart
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yarnlady answered
Not to me. My husband is 8 years younger than I am.  He was 24 and I was 32 when we met.
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Annie Devore answered
Well ..Depends If They Are A Mature Dependable 17 Year Old.. Like Never Been Arrested..  If Parents Seem To Like 17 Year Old.  If 17 Year Old Does Not Rush Into Things It's Okay
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Mark Brookshire answered
I for one have never liked that stupid rule, but there is a limit. I have dated younger girls many times. Some being 14 and I was 20. Hell, when I was 20. Nobody cared because we did not have these sick people who rape or rape/kill 12 year old girls. My girlfriend now is half my age, LoL. Anyone have a problem with that. Kiss my A.... I don't know why anyone over 15 wants to date anyone under 12. That crosses the age barrier.
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As long as you guys dont have sex. Its fine.
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Ilina answered
It's not wrong, though it may seem abnormal to others. If you're willing to enter such doors, why not? Just make sure you don't take it too seriously at this age. Wait just a few more years for permanent decisions.
Jewelly A. Shetka Profile
If you're dating, it can look a little odd,
like someone's robbing the cradle, but
for the most part, no. If common sense
is the 26 year-old NOT taking
the 17 year old into a bar,
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sarah c answered
It is wrong if a 26 year old  women likes a 17 year old boy. But it's not wrong for a 17 year old girl to like a 26 year old men
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Theres nothing wrong with that..but dont do know what i mean your not 18 yet and sportz be quiet..
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Keith Old answered
G'day Kaylajandb,

Thank you for your question.

No. He or she is old enough to know their own mind.


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