I Broke Up With Him, Now What?


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Difficult times for sure. At least he was honest about it and that is not normally the case. You feel bad because the person you love has turned around and totally dumped a load on you. You feel defiled and lost I am sure but try hard to look through and see the positive side to this. Believe it or not, there are many. Think that if you continued to see him and he continued to cheat (once a cheater, always a cheater typically) and then you slept with him, he could be bringing STDs or other bad things into your life. I don't know what kind of relationships he had with these others but usually these kind of things do happen. You will soon be able to accept that he really was not right for you even though you thought up front that he was. This is part of what dating is all about, to learn how other people are. Who is right and who is wrong for you. This guy does not sound like he is right for many people but that is me being an neutral observer. You will want to go find another guy to date but hold back as this will be a rebound relationship and those typically do not work either. Live life for yourself for a while. Be strong and know that you have made the right decisions. Wait and there will be more guys that come along that will be better for you and treat you with the respect you deserve!
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Good answer from edjones. I just want to add that it's important to stay busy! Find activities to keep your mind off him and also recruit the help from friends and family. Find out who is willing to accept late night calls when you need to talk and don't be afraid to ask for support through this.

You did the right thing in breaking it off. Now stay strong and you will get through this.

Good luck.
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Don't worry about him he obviously didn't care or have any respect for you the moment he slept with another woman. Cheer up let you hair down go out have fun your free and single don't waste you time crying over him because I bet he ain't doing the same

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