Is This Love, Infatuation Or Obsession?


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I wouldn't say it's love, and I wasn't thinking of obsession until I read your last sentence. You've had your mind on this guy for an awfully long time. Do you know why you broke up? I mean was it mutual or were there hard feelings over it?

Stop waiting and hoping that he'll call. If there is no animosity between you, why not contact him? If that's not a viable solution, you have to move on. You're not allowing yourself to live your life, and you'll continue to reject other guys before you even meet them. There's a lot going on out in the world. It's time to become part of it.
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I agree with you robbier44. Lovesick don't get stuck in a rut. You just might miss another opportunity and not be able to see it if you are obsessing over the guy.
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Very true.
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We are in the same situation, but the worst is mine. I've met him during high school. He was the campus heartthrob; we are classmates for two years. I got attracted the first day I saw him, I thought it just a simple crush but it goes deeper as time goes by. I am not sure too if I am in love or just infatuated or obsessed with him. Your case is better than I am, because you spent time with him. He likes me I don't know, but actions speak louder than words right? It's hard for me to conclude if the feeling is mutual because he didn't say anything just his actions. Until now, I am confused. Sometimes I blamed myself, why I am not with him right now. I was afraid then and thought I'm not capable being his girlfriend. Now, he seems so near yet so far and it hurts me of course. It's been 11 years, but I can't forget him still. I have suitors, but I can't stand a lie I rejected them instead. I tried to keep in touch with him and I got rejection. Despite of what happened, I want him to be happy. Love is not selfish. It's hard to leave it all behind but girl we have to move on step by step, slowly but surely. With God's help we can do all things even the impossible thing. TRUE LOVE WAITS. Listen to the song entitled I PROMISE by Jaci Velasquez. God Bless!
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There was no animosity when we broke up... I got the feeling that he wanted out.. As he said things like 'I'm not serious about you' so I initiated the break and he agreed!! We are still cordial when we meet socially.I have dated many other men but somehow my mind is stuck on him even though many people have told me he's not good enough for me.but all the other men I dated were all infatuated with me, but I want.
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I think you are grieving the loss of something that was good. Time and distance are the best medicine. And also get re-acquainted with yourself--remember that person that he was firstly attracted to? Go find her and take it down the road.
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It's not love its just Infatuation and I think just for time pass he dated you. So be happy tat you broke up wit him very soon. There may be a good person than him you may get him in future.

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