Is Obsession Bad?


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Anonymous answered be honest. I am obesessed with my bf. I am seeing that it is bad. You wonder what they are doing. When will they call, text, or come be with you. People need to fill up their lives with friends and family. Try the things you were afraid to try before him. I am a fair person. I bought an old car and letting him drop me off places, my mind will wonder off somewhere. We women and men have vivid imaginations. Yes, I have trust issues. Once we can establish that- I can rest assured that everything will be just fine. Obesession is a bad really thing. My grandma obesessed over her husband. In the end, she broke him in. She treated him like a slave for her. She was very bossy. I believe when she said they`re best times were 10 to  15 years before his death were the best. He gave up as a broken man. My grandma says God gave him a sweet spirit. Maybe, but I would visit and he was peaceful when she was at work. He worshiped the ground she walked on. They only argued before church. As a child I never understood this. Now I do. His true self showed its evil head during those times. He was secretly unhappy and wanted to tell her. Her obesession made her a controling woman. Yet, she tells us the man is supposed to lead. Why can`t we be equal? This is what obession in a relationship will lead you to, Jealousy, control, slave driver, wound the one with words, keep them from friends, family, things they love to do, bad or upsetting intimatcy. Worse thing is they feel like you are up their behind. Which everyone needs to leave and travel. Or else you get lost in yourself. One is not meant to be alone. This means you need people so you will not be crazy. You do not have to date. Just go do something instead of sitting around bored. Unless you already have your home entertainment. Shrugs.. Anymore imput needed... Just ask me.. Hope you find your peace!
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Obsession is bad if it interferes with your life and the way you lead it. Obsession with work for instance, tends to lead to a poor social or family life, obsession with exercise and dieting can lead to injury and physical self-abuse or self harm.

An obsession usually means that you are totally fixated on something to the exclusion of everything else. This means that other parts of your life can significantly suffer. We need balance and moderation in our lives. This is how we remain healthy physically and psychologically.

Obsession does not have to be bad, but obsession tends to lead to some kind of bad situation. Obsession with someone else can make the other person feel very awkward and upset.

When one puts all of their focus on something, we tend to stop ourselves from being successful in other areas of our lives. There are so many better ways to spend our time than being thoroughly obsessed.
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Yes, because then it interferes with your life and that is bad.
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There's a difference between obsession and plain ol' paranoia. Mothers are obsessive over newborn babies, and generally remain somewhat obsessed with their childrens happiness until they're old enough to make themselves happy. That could hardly be considered a bad thing.

Of course there's a bad side to obsessions, but the word itself means the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea... And there's nothing technically wrong with one thought being more important than others, providing you don't abandon the others completely.
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Yes,for one that is not a good sign.That immidetly shows that your not independent, and you have to have someone to talk to.If you obsess to bad then that can ruin your whole relationship.

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