Why Is My Boyfriend Obsessed With Asians?


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My husband was always fascinated by chinese culture and had a chinese best friend, whom I am good friends with.  I never really thought much of it at the time and enjoyed the culture as it was a link to my own Jamaican-chinese great grandmother.  However, 25 years on his obsession with asian women is the biggest turnoff you can imagine.  It also adversely affects my teenage children who find images on his phone and computer and come to me looking for explanations I cannot give.  They also found out he was having an online emotional relationship with a young girl from singapore, she is twenty years younger than we are.  I got in touch with her to find out what the hell was going on and learnt that he had told her he was 30 and they had been in contact for four years.  From all the emails and MSN messages I managed to find, he was grooming her.  I have no idea what his intentions were long term and he refuses to admit he did anything really wrong.  To the best of my knowledge they are no longer in contact, but I honestly do not trust him.  He continues to look for images of young and attractive asian women, watches Japanese news channels and asian movies.  He just can't keep his eyes off them - even on the aeroplane.
To say that this is a harmless fantasy is rubbish.  It makes you uncomfortable because you know it is a perversion, it is not simply fancying an attractive woman.  These asian women that these men are often taken with look like GIRLS, and as a woman you are tuned in to this and that is why you feel uncomfortable about it.
I have very little, if any respect left for this sad middle aged man that is my husband, his sons think he is weird and his daughter thinks she is unattractive because of the way her father lusts after asian women.  I don't know why these losers don't just get themselves an asian woman in the first place and stop tormenting non-asian women with this sick perverse nonsense.
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It could be more than a fantasy rather then an obsession.
Its like..guys like porn right? They think porn stars are fit and they like to imagine being with them and having sex with them but what makes it better for them is that its FANTASY and not real..it would never happen in reality.
Hmm I'm not sure this answer is helping
What I mean is its probs just something in his head something that's just little its like we all have our little obsessions like when we fancy celebs n stuff in no way should you feel your not good enough for him because you are not Asian.
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Omg I have the EXACT same problem. Sometimes it feels like I'm not even good enough! My boyfriend also was in a relationship with an Asian woman for almost a decade. I know he's with me, but seriously, how do I compete with a RACE? I'll never win, and I'll never be what he TRULY wants. How do you deal with this?
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After a year, of the best relationship I\'ve had p and just about to move in, I\'ve discovered Asian school girl porn on his computer this morning! I have not confronted him as I know this will probably break us up. My friends say it\'s normal for men to look at porn but it bothers ,it was so specific and that the girls looked so young. I don't know what to do... Even if I do bring it it up I know that if it's something he's into, Even he promises to stop, it will not. I feel betrayed and heart broken as he had become my best friend!  Please let me know your thoughts...
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Lol this is funny to read all that stuff, actually i like asian girls but i dont watch asian porn i had some asian gfs its truly a disease once you go asian u never go anything else, but let me tell u that im sure ur husband got this obsession after he married you, because if he had it before he wouldnt even feel like marrying you he would smiply marry an asian,

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My boyfriend hated Asians and he dated me (I'm Asian). I never felt good enough because he had a fetish for white women. We broke up already, but now he likes Asians.

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Wow. That is terrible. I also have an addiction to asian porn but I don't actually approach asian girls in real life as I know it is a disease I have that I'm working on curing for myself. I apologize for him falling for the host's family's daughter I think that is terrible. I have no advice to give as it sounds like you still like him though. Sorry. I also felt like going to Japan and have been learning japanese... Oh when will this obsession end.... I am sad.
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I have the exact same problem! All my boyfriends friends are asian, his ex is asian, and he only watches asian porn.  And no the problem is not the porn its the fact that its only asian porn. His searches are as specific as "petite asian threesomes" or searching the specific porn stars by name.  I've been trying to come to terms with it because besides this everything else is great but after almost a year of dealing with this I'm not sure that I can.  I must say reading all of these other post may have just made it worse.
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It is an obsession with allot of men. I have heard every reason from they are smaller and tighter (sorry) to they are more wild. Whatever it is, he will overcome it sooner or later and it will make your relationship so much better when he does.

Best you can do is talk to him about it and be honest about it. Tell him it bothers you and is making you feel like his attention is pulled away from you due to it.
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That is freaking dumb "smaller and tighter" and more wild? I dont think so. Do you know this from experience or you're basing from movies and/or porn magazines and videos?
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Men are idiots. There are a lot of asians that are larger than the average american (taller etc.) they have been starved for so long that in general have unhealthy body types. Their diets must consists of rice and starch in order to survive. They have been so starved and unhealthy for so long they eat cats, dogs, rats, dolphin etc.... Anyone who worships any of these cultures is disgusting. Also it is a myth that asian women are 'tighter' and 'smaller' in their vaginas. I have known military personnel who have told me that those are myths, women are the same everywhere-- except that they regret ever having relationships with the knife-throwing, men killers (they kill soldiers in their sleep), that only want US citizenship. Anyone who is in a relationship with a man that enjoys down syndrome/12 year old girl features-- please leave them before it is too late for you and your future children.

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