Why Are Guys So Obsessed With Sex? Why Does It Become There Prime Need In A Certain Age?


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Because we can and if you research well you will find it is females that instigate it much more than guys do.

If you ask a lot of guys they would sooner masterbate, less hassles - not as messy and don't have to listen to you women whine afterwards.
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What planet are you from?
Nick Thamas
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Got to say girls are more of the ones that try and get it. It's mostly the guy wanting it girl doesn't or girl wanting it guy doesn't. It's not just guys. Stereotyping isn't nice. Good answer by the way.
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Well sex is one of the issues in life that fails many of us but then its controllable if you choose to term your personality. One of the things we need to know some of these obsession of sex is normally an influence by the environment. The people we live in with matters and your characters are based on what really surrounds you. So guys are not just doing that but more importantly because of influence. Otherwise it is something that can be given control. Well for women sake I can boldly say it just one thing. Women have been created for comfort but sometimes conditions force them to do this otherwise sex is not an issue to them. I like I can say Most of them are prostitutes not because of sex but rather they are frustrated with life. Even in marriage I know this men love sex more.
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I think men do think about it more but at a certain age women are more inclined to want more men are in there prime early twentys but women can become more aroused mid thirtys or after the menopause

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