Why Are Guys So Confusing?


5 Answers

rezana ganie Profile
rezana ganie answered
This guy obviously likes you, maybe you should make a move
don't let him go... Because once he finds someone else, you are
going to regret it
let him know how you feel, be brave, be a winner
love is very hard to find
hold on to him maybe his worth it
and there's only one way to find out
Pinky Brown Profile
Pinky Brown answered
Guys are confusing because they try to do things out of their league. Perhaps to impress you...
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
Because girls come from Venus and Guys come from Mars. Work the rest out for yourself.
asif ali Profile
asif ali answered
It is because they don't like going through puberty and most of all its a guy thing.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Because they want to play mind games with you, therefore since he's such a mystery, it keeps you thinking of him all the time. It's a trick they use for you to keep thinking of them.

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