My Wife Says She Married A Disgusting Man. Why Does She Feel This Way? I Am So Confused. Help!


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Well, what's her view on a disgusting man. Is it your facial hair being to long or is it the way you talk or how you act? I think you need to listen to what she describes as a disgusting man then at least you know what your dealing with and make changes so that she doesn't feel that way!!!
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Pick up after yourself,help around the house,stop being messy,be more of a gentleman and I bet you her opinion of you will change,let us know what changes you have made don't forget to put the toilet seat down and the cap back on the tooth paste...good luck champ you can do it..
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I think if you leave more of a description of what she says, or what you mean, then I might be able to help you out more, just go into your question, and click on edit, and you can add to the description. Hope this helps.
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Well for one thing most men are disgusting to most women.  You drink out of the milk carton, You leave the toilet seat up, leave your shoes and clothes all over the floor, you put empty cartons back in the refrigerator, you clip you toes nails in front of God and Country and so on and so forth.  However if you make your woman happy, tell her how much she means to you, make slow and passionate love to her and tell her daily how she makes you feel complete as a man......she will forgive you all the afore mentioned.  Also learn to say these two expressions, "I am truly sorry"  "I will try to do better".  God love you, and I bet she does too!

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