Why does my mum hate me? She never listens to me, will start yelling at me for no reason, we get into fights and I will say how I feel and she will laugh at me, and when I say the only way out is to kill myself she gives me a knife and says 'do it'.


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Just act like she didn't say anything,. Because I'm sure theres a reason why she said it. Just maybe, she's bottled in a lot of anger & is letting it out on you :)
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Try to stay far away from her like in your room. Do things to take your mind off like redecorate your room, put on some good music, put up posters, clean out your closet and donate things, draw, paint, write your feelings in a journal. I don't think she hates you but just respect her. Do good in school and before you know it you will be away in college in a dorm having a great college life. Its awesome. Help her to keep the house clean, do dishes, take out trash, vacuum and don't say a word. Watch what happens.
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My mom said go ahead and kill yourself , I do not care but do not do it here because I do not want a dead body in my home. Wow, see she does not care for you. I would try to stay away from her as far as possible. Talk this out with your dad since your mom is acting this way.
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Your mom don't hate you...don't ever said that anymore...every mom loves their children ..she probably going through a lot of stuffs right now,she's stressing out...just do what she ask you to do,do your chores and stop fighting with her, stop stressing her out..why would you want to kill yourself ?come on now your are a human being,think right and try to do better..don't let the devil trick you..next time when your mom give you the knive ,just be the bigger person and walk away please.
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Some pple have different ways of dealing with their problems however encouraging you to end your life is immature an really irresponsible of ... I know your smarter than that that’s y you looking for help here but ending your life is not an option... Try getting someone to talk to or see a counselor.. Next time she offers you the knife just walkout… No matter how stupid she acting now if you die she going to b crying her eyes out
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Maybe she is under a lot of stress...... But that is not right to hand you a knife when you that your going to kill your self cause..... Or laugh when your trying to tell her how to feel......
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Sounds like she's got a lot going on atm, like maybe problems at work or with money or just running the house and this screaming at you is just a byproduct of that.You're not to blame for any of this hassle tbh.
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Your mother doesn't hate you.  Imagine if you were your mom, and she were you.  She could be going through anything right now, or you could just be grating her nerves.  Lay low for a while, and don't kill yourself, that's soo weak.
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Sounds like your Mom is under a great deal of stress here and is way too eager to jump all over anyone who sets her off like you. People say the worst things when under duress so don't take too serious what she says about killing yourself. Try to stay out of her way for awhile the best you can and see if she calms down or talk to your Dad about this  but stay out of her way for now
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DON'T commit suicide go to a friends house and ask if you can stay over for a while (make sure they're not nosy no offence but that's more bad than good )and then think of a good place to stay but get all your stuff out 1st preferably when she's out DON'T LEAVE ANY TRAILS AT ALL don't let her know

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She must be very stressed


What to do is keep away when busy or be very calm and the agreements might die down

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Lets look at it this way? How much are you responsible and contributed to what  extent? Both needs to slow down and look at things different perspective and strike a balance?

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