I hate it when I'm trying to be serious then I accidentally smile! Ever Happen To You?


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Daisy Ryann Profile
Daisy Ryann answered
Yess!! My mom will start yelling at me and I can't help but laugh!! Lol
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Yep happenes to me all the time. I can't look someone in thee eye and tell them that I didnot do something without smiling. So I can't actully lie to anybodys face which is a good thing. I don't lie about anything anyway so yeah  lol. I'm going to stop typing now coz I have no clue why I just put that. Lol! :)
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Nope, I laugh instead of smiling.
Scott Rasmussen Profile
Scott Rasmussen answered
Yes I hate that too!
Ray Ottewell Profile
Ray Ottewell answered
No I aint never serious, and I have always got a smile.
Janey Profile
Janey answered
Yep it's hard to keep a straight face sometimes especially when you're trying to be serious.If I'm with friends it's even harder as somebody else will always try to get you to crack up lol.
Brittany Schlatt Profile
Yes, when I'm telling the truth and explaining something, and my mom thinks it's a lie. Then, she she laughs ans smiles.
Sapphire McAdams Profile
Yeah loads of times and other times like when my friend asked if I liked this boy which I didnt and I said know but I started smiling and laughing and now she thinks I like him which I don't lol
max loy Profile
max loy answered
Yes it has happened a few times and I end up getting a little pissed after that.
Ally Graff Profile
Ally Graff answered
Oh man! Only all the time xD It's either that or when I'm trying to be sneaky...I can't lie cause I smile and give it away. Lol It's horrible!

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