How Do I Kiss Her?


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However You Feel Right.

"Most Girls" Don't Apply To The One You Love/ Like, As They Wont Be Like Any Other. Just Go With The Flow But Don't Use Too Much Tongue At First

My Motto For Kissing: A Lick (With Your Tongue) And A Kiss. A Lick And A Kiss.

Don't Be The One Too Pull Away First

Make Sure She Does

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Slow and try to be gentle...she will appreciate that more than you sucking her face like a piece a fruit that has been denied from you since childbirth
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If you don't think she's not the right one don't kiss her. If your married, kiss on!
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If it's your first kiss, go slow and gently, dont use tongue to soon.
Like has been said, don't pull away first, once you've got the first kiss out of the way, experiment, find out what she likes! :D hope this helps. X
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If this is your first kiss don't kiss her let her kiss you if you talking about a drench kiss. Don't swallow her face be slow and gentle and try not to open your mouth too wide. Your lips will fall right in place with hers. Close your eyes and concentrate on the feeling of your lips with hers its much easier this way. Good Luck!!
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Well open your mouth and stick your tongue in
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If its going to be your first kiss with her..just put your hands on her waist or neck and go in for the kiss..most girls love when u take control.
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Well if u wanna kiss her wat u should do is this
ask if she would like to get kissed if she says no then just give her time
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Come close and you will know what to do.  The bed part, you better save that for marriage.  Save that fir your first wife, i mean respect your first wife.  Lot of people sexed before marriage, their marriage will not last.
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well act like your massaging her tongue with yours!! And becareful!! U might be going to fast... Wait a week or to and she mite do it for herself..

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