What's the most pleasure thing i can do to my gf if u know what i mean?


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You could always slowly start kissing her on the lips then down to her neck, slowly move down to her breast and kiss, gently suck on her nipples, do a little licking, slide your tongue down across her belly , give her a few kisses there, caress her legs with your hand very gentle (girls LOVE a gentle and soft touch),  slowly move your tongue down to her waistline and kiss her softly all over, go just a little lower to her pubic hair (if shaved that area) kiss her, DO NOT GO DOWN ANY FURTHER YET, slide your tongue to her legs and lick and kis her legs gentle, slowly move to her inner thighs and slowly lick her moving you way really slow up to her vagina, gently kiss and tease her vaginal lips, do a little light sucking, slowly lick in between her lips from bottom to top until you reach her clit and tease it by lick it, kissing it, tickle it with your tongue, slide you tongue back down to her vaginal opening and lick and enjoy her sweet taste, try to slide your tongue in as deep as you can into her vagina, licking and sucking, move back up to her clit and teaste it some more, do a little more sucking on it, (she should be extremely wet by now) try keeping her dry by licking up all of her love juice and just keep going and do what feel natural and pay attention to her sounds and movements! If she starts to twitch or shake more while you are doing one certain thing then stay with it and she just might explode with extreme pleasure!  She WILL love it!!!!
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Well if you want to be romantic take her to a real fancy quiet nice dinner or do it homeade and tell her to get sometin realsexy and pretty and you might get a treat ltr but anyway take her out be respectful and don't rush into goin home or gettin a treat but and after dinner take her home if she wnts or go to your place if itz clean nd smellz fresh enough nd ask her if she was ok tonight nd lked wht happened(dinner and stuff) nd be sweet nd get her stared but don't rush nd be respectful nd don't RUSH OR you MIGHT NOT GET NONE IF you KNOW WHAT I MEAN GOOD LUCK HOLLA
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Tease her!!! Fore play!!
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Arthur Wright answered
If we actually have to tell you on here then you arent deserving of her. Use your imagination here and think outside of the box
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Tell her she is right... Doesn't matter about what, just tell her she is right, for the love of god tell her she is right if you want to continue living! ;-)
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Go down on her ;)  trust me  shel love it and will have sex with you every chance she gets
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Tell her to one of your long shirts with no bra but thith underwear thats what I wear to sleep in

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