How Do You Know A Girl Is A Virgin After Having Sex With Her?


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Not all women will bleed after sex and the hymen can be broken a number of ways, such as horse riding, various sports and using tampons, some women will bleed and some women may not, (I did not bleed my first time)  if a woman does not bleed it does not mean that she is not a virgin, it varies I guess
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 you will know beacuse her virgin is tight, and when you stick your penis in it will be tight.
Trust me you will know.
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In my case when I have sex with my girlfriend she did not bleed in the moment but I feel she was very tight...
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You'll know right when you stick it in her hun.
She'll bleed from you popping her cherry.
And she'll be so super tight.
Trust me you'll know.
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Actually the cervix isn't the part that is penetrated.  the hymen gets punctured by the penis entering the vagina. 
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Well when you have sex with her if shes loose then shes not a virgin but if shes tight then shes a virgin but right as soon as you start having sex then she is no longer a virgin
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Either she will be very tight or she will have a hymen according to doctors a hymen is not a sign of virginity at all in fact some are born without one and some lose theirs other ways. If some of you people were smart you would ask the girl or just do your research and stop living in the old times. I for one have never had sexual intercourse of any kind but my hymen way broken when I used a tampon therefore I am still a virgin. Look up the defination of the word if you are indeed a moron and dosent know what the word means.
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No, I read that every girl can be different, as some has thick hymen that is difficult to penetrate and will bleed a lot, while others have porous hymen that is easily penetrated and might not bleed at all. So the only way to know whether she is a virgin is by asking her.
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Well, once that she bleeds thru by having sex for the first time scientifically it is proven that the guy will see little dots of Peculiar blood on the bed sheets. So basically ull see the blood and also ask the girl. Be like you want to check it out and if shes shy take her to a doctor.
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You will only know for sure if you ask her. If she isn't going to tell you the truth about if she's a virgin then to be honest you shouldnt be having sex with her in the first place.
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Most of the time unless she's a sex guru and has watched enough porn to get herself in the know - you would probably guess. Her expressions, or she may be nervous or ask if you like this or not. I know that most of the time you gauge pleasure by asking them questions but I suppose it's just a feel. I was a virgin when I met my partner but he thought otherwise until I told him a few months down the track. It just depends on how up to speed she is with her sexuality pleasures and your own.
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Most of the time if you are still a virgin as a girl your still tight there..So it mostly depend on how did it go during the intercourse..
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If a girl is a virgin and you have sex with her...she is no longer virgin after that and when it is the first time a young woman will bleed a little because of the penetration of the cervix...and the cervix is the opening of her uterus.
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Unless you are a gynecologist or you take her to one I'm sorry but you will never find out weather she is telling the truth or not
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Once a girl is a virgin once entered the hymen breaks and causes bleeding if this did not happen then she is not a virgin.
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The Hymen can break using pampons but she will still be a virgin and not all girls will bleed.
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After penetrative sex, where a penis penetrates past the girls hymen, she is no longer a virgin. She is a woman.
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You can tell when your penis enters and you feel the hymen break, there will also be a little bleeding. If you did not feel this she may not have been a virgin.
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Wel It Iz Not Necessary That Her Hymen Will Break At That Time Coz It Could Have Been Broken Before Coz Of Sum Natural Reasons....n For Your Information It Is Not Necessary Every Girl Who Is Virgin Will Bleed While Having Sex For The First Time....scientifically There Is No Way To Find Out Whether A Gal Is Virgin R Not

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