How Long Should A Girl Stay Virgin?


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I would wait until I've been with this person I love for about three plus years or more and I'm over 18 years of age.  When your young you fall in and out of love so many times. You think oh I love this person, he's the one I can't live without him. I'll die if we break up..BELIEVE ME you will break up in time and you will go on. NO LOVE LASTS FOREVER.... Take your time. There is no rushing anything. Once your virginity is gone it's gone there's no getting it back. That's why I say three plus years. If he can't wait tell him SEE you...Just because your married doesn't mean ANYTHING EITHER. Look at all the DIVORCED SINGLE MOTHERS OUT THERE working two jobs to support their children because there low life ex husband won't pay child support.  And don't be stupid and try to get pregnant hoping that will trap him into being with you. That age old "TRICK" has never worked... Just causes the woman grief.  My advice little lady go to school, get a good college education, don't worry about love and virginity. You have enough in life to worry about. With sex comes DRAMA, am I pregnant, do I have a STD, is he going to leave me now?
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In my opinion,till she get married,because for me as a guy nd I'm 19 nd I'm still a virgin I want to have a virgin girl too,I want to share that special thing with her,with the one I love,nd till I'm not sure that she isn't mine nd we wont get married at the end I wont do it,soo I guess  I'm going to wait till I find that girl who deserves me ,nd after marriage we can make it,because love is not all about sex,we can enjoy love,its not important to have sex to enjoy your love,I know its important,but you must wait,till you get married nd have the right time,thats my opinion
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Well I guess wait as long as you want to, but God said that you should wait till your married, he didn't just say that to say it, if that man you love really is the one God choose for you, then God won't let him slip away, wait till you are married. God made that rule for a reason, he wouldn't ruien your relationship=-----and remember everything happens for a [email protected]!!!
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She definitely should stay till marriage, no difference til 30's or 40's
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You know when you're ready.
When you find that person it doesn't matter if you're married or not
just make sure you give it to the right person because you will remember it forever.
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I think (in my opinion )! Till marriage !! It's really better for the guy and the girl . It will be Awesome to start having sex with your wife or husband !

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I think you are right , but if you save your self for marriage and after the first night you find out that he is tiny or just suck's in bed then what, and if you don't know the difference between small and big because you never saw the difference... I think you know what I mean, don't you .

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